Screen Time vs Page Time: How to Find the Right Balance

Screen Time vs Page Time: How to Find the Right Balance

Screen time is often associated with entertainment. While educational games and programs may soften their impact, most of your child’s screen time will still be dedicated to playing video games and watching cartoons. This poses the very real possibility of compromising your child’s learning ability and discouraging activities that require sustained focus, such as studying and reading.

Page time is more difficult to incentivise and encourage. With the ubiquity of mobile smart devices and their capability to appeal to children, reading can feel obsolete and dull to your child. However, reading carries many benefits that stay with a child long into their educational journeys. Thus, it is crucial to balance both screen and page time to ensure your child experiences a healthy amount of both entertainment and learning.

Incentivise page time with screen time

Due to the popularity and immense appeal of screen time to kids, using it as a reward to encourage reading can be a great way to strike a balance between page and screen time.

Reward your child’s page time with screen time by supervising their reading sessions before allowing them a set time in front of a screen. Such a proposition is a fair way to facilitate your child’s learning and balance both work and play at the same time. Remember the occasional eye break!

Ensure your child is consuming helpful content

By vetting the quality of content your child consumes, you can make efforts to ensure they are still learning during their screen time. Refrain from discouraging your child from consuming content that happens to carry little learning value, but instead introduce interesting yet more educational content to make the best use of their screen time.

Vetting content applies to page time, too, but in a different way! Do take time to ensure that your child’s reading materials are engaging and fun while providing quality learning. Magazines for children in Singapore are a great way to ensure your child gets the most out of their page time. Full of puzzles, riddles and activities, children’s magazines are specifically designed to make page time rewarding and interesting.

Balancing both fun and learning when it comes to your child’s page and screen time is another way to ensure your child stays entertained and eager to learn. As children have shorter but developing attention spans, a healthy balance ensures effective learning by providing both engagement and learning to keep your little one motivated and happy.


The delicate game of balancing education and fun can be tricky due to the drastic differences in both page and screen time and what they can provide. Moreover, the appeal of page time and reading is often overlooked by children in favour of smart devices that offer a variety of entertainment options with varying educational value.

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