Reading Magazines with Kids: An Easy Way to Boost Critical Thinking

Reading Magazines with Kids: An Easy Way to Boost Critical Thinking

In addition to bedtime reading, did you know that reading magazines with your children has proven cognitive benefits too? Unlike books, magazines expose kids to a huge variety of topics that build mental connections.

Reading age-appropriate stories

Exciting new research reveals that reading age-appropriate magazines with your children can greatly improve their reasoning skills, general knowledge, and overall cognition. Studies found that kids who regularly read magazines with parents scored higher on tests of information retention, logic, and critical thinking compared to their peers. The multidisciplinary nature of magazines increased contextual learning.

Routinely read

Consider incorporating educational magazines into your family reading routine. Our children’s magazine in Singapore stands out for providing a diverse range of educational materials tailored to the varying interests and developmental stages of children. Choose titles that align with your child’s interests – science, nature, technology, art etc. The vibrant photos and focused articles will capture their attention. And discussing the content together strengthens comprehension. Make magazine reading a habit today to see the benefits of intellectual development!


Combining books, magazines, and conversation is a winning formula for nurturing young minds. Take advantage of this screen-free activity to strengthen bonds and flex those critical thinking skills!

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