MIDAS: Profiling Tools
MIDAS: Profiling Tools

An ONLINE Self-Assessment Tool on Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS)

“To my knowledge, The MIDAS™ represents the first effort to measure Multiple Intelligences, which have been developed according to standard psychometric procedures. Branton Shearer is to be congratulated for the careful and cautious way in which he has created his instrument and offered guidance for its use and interpretation.” – Howard Gardner, Harvard University.


Benefits of Using MIDAS™


  • Career
  • Maximising Motivation
  • Social
  • Life skills: Problem-Solving & Creative Thinking



  • Self-awareness
  • Building Confidence & Character
  • Maximising Motivation
  • Career Planning



  • Learning Difficulties
  • At Risk / Under Achiever
  • Choosing Major of Studies
  • Gifted / Talented
  • Study Strategies
  • Self-directed



  • Leadership Programme
  • Parent-Teacher Dialogue
  • Counselling Tool
  • Inter-Disciplinary Project


Above 20 yrs Adult
15 – 19 yrs Teens
9 – 14 yrs Kids
4 – 8 yrs Young Child


Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS ) provide an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s Multiple Intelligences Profile. MIDAS  is a research-based self-report measure of intellectual dispositions for people of all ages. The three-page MIDAS Profile carefully describes a person’s range of skills, abilities and intellectual potential.