[G1] – Knowledge Gifts for Preschoolers, Primary & Secondary Schools
(2022 & 2023 Edition)

Introducing the Gift of Knowledge – a truly exceptional product and remarkable gift designed to inspire young minds and fuel their thirst for learning that will leave a lasting impact on the young minds it touches. With this unique offering, children can explore and enjoy the captivating world of magazines by selecting up to TWO titles of their choice. The Gift of Knowledge empowers children to mix and match from a wide range of magazine options, opening the door to a universe of discovery and imagination.

LADYBUG » Read Sample!    CLICK » Read Sample!    SPIDER » Read Sample!    ASK » Read Sample!    CRICKET » Read Sample!    MUSE » Read Sample!    THINK+ SCIENCE » Read Sample!    NEWS BITES » Read Sample!   SA CONNECT» Read Sample!    SA DIGEST » Read Sample!    BIG » Read Sample!    TREASURE BOX » Read Sample!    FAIRYTALE KINGDOM » Read Sample!



Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they delve into the pages of “LADYBUG“, where enchanting stories and vibrant illustrations transport them to magical realms. Tech-savvy minds will be captivated by “CLICK“, an enthralling magazine that unravels the marvels of technology, igniting their imagination and fostering problem-solving skills.

Sparking creativity and critical thinking, “SPIDER” engages young readers with captivating tales and educational content. With “ASK“, their curiosity knows no bounds as they unravel the mysteries of science and satisfy their hunger for knowledge.

Meanwhile, “CRICKET” brings the joy of reading to life, enveloping children in literature and nurturing their love for storytelling. With “MUSE“, the worlds of science and art collide, inspiring a deep appreciation for both.

For aspiring scientists, “THINK+ SCIENCE” presents a gateway to exciting experiments, mind-expanding information, and awe-inspiring discoveries. “SCIENCE ADVENTURES CONNECT & DIGEST” takes readers on thrilling scientific quests, while “NEWS BITES” provides bite-sized articles for their curious minds. “BIG” invites young explorers to venture into the wonders of the natural world, fostering a sense of environmental awareness.

Envelop your child in the enchanting tales of “TREASUREBOX“, featuring stories from diverse cultures and times, fostering a love for literature and expanding their horizons. Finally, “FAIRYTALE KINGDOM” engage them in creative writing, learning about translations, and crime-solving with Mr. Detective. The fun goes on and on.

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