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Fuelling Creative Passions:
Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids in Singapore

Are you ready to embark on an adventure into imagination and creativity with your little ones? At Nurture Craft, we aim to inspire young minds in Singapore and nurture their artistic talents.

Our assortment of arts and crafts supplies for kids is here to stoke the flames of their creative passion. Whether you are a parent, an educator, or a budding artist, there’s a little slice of magic for everyone here.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to nurturing budding artists, quality matters. From washable paints to non-toxic crayons, we handpicked every product, ensuring they meet safety standards in Singapore and provide a delightful experience for your child.

Endless Creativity

Kids are like sponges, soaking up inspiration. Our vast range of supplies, from vibrant paints to versatile glue, provides an infinite playground for kids to paint, sculpt, design, and learn through art.

Awaken the Inner Artist

Our selection of arts and crafts supplies is curated to ignite creativity, whether your child is a budding Picasso or a little sculptor. With chalk for street art, playdough for 3D wonders, and crayons for colouring adventures, we provide the tools to set their imagination free.


Why should I engage my child in arts and crafts projects?
These creative endeavours don’t just make for fun projects; they are great tools for fostering creativity, fine-tuning those nimble little fingers, and sharpening young minds.Artistic endeavours also offer a window into your child’s emotions and encourage social bonding. Plus, along the way, they will gain a boost in self-esteem, patience, and laser-like focus.

At what age can my child start practising arts and crafts?
Your child can begin exploring arts and crafts from the tender age of 2 or 3. Their artistic abilities naturally evolve as they progress, enabling them to undertake more intricate projects.
What is the best way to introduce my child to arts and crafts if they are new to it?
Start with simple and age-appropriate projects to build their confidence. Fuel their imagination by providing a variety of art supplies and materials, all while being their biggest cheerleader instead of a harsh critic.
How can I encourage my child’s interest in arts and crafts and motivate them to stay engaged?
Keep the experience enjoyable and non-pressured. Shower your child with praise, proudly showcase their creations, and let their imagination steer the ship by allowing them to pick their own projects.
How can I make clean-up more manageable and hassle-free?
Turn tidying up into an art itself! Create a craft zone with surfaces that are a breeze to wipe down, keep wet wipes handy for both hands and workspaces, and ensure all the materials are stashed away neatly for the next burst of creative energy.