NC Rewards

Embark on a Rewarding Experience with NC Rewards

We'll always bring you the best promotions and rewarding experiences relevant to your daily lifestyle. Earn and redeem NCpoints for more savings on:

Educational Products

New signups will receive 100 reward points the next working day after verification of signup information.

NC Rewards
Welcome Gift Reward

Earn extra 400 points (Worth $20)!

Birthday Reward

Additional 20% OFF (Capped at $20, 400 points)!

Additional Discount

Gain an extra 5% bonus on total points!

Redemption Reward

(Coming Soon) Redeem your vouchers and manage your points balance!

Referral Reward

Refer your friends or family members and earn 100 points!

Review Reward

Earn 10 bonus points by writing reviews on magazines or edu products.