In addition to bedtime reading, did you know that reading magazines with your children has proven cognitive benefits too? Unlike books, magazines expose kids to a huge variety of topics that build mental connections. Reading age-appropriate stories Exciting new research reveals that reading age-appropriate magazines with your children can greatly improve their reasoning skills, general […]

Reading to your children before tucking them in for the night is a time-honored tradition. More than just a calming ritual, the simple act of reading bedtime stories has scientifically proven cognitive benefits that all parents should take advantage of. Numerous studies have shown that having a consistent bedtime reading routine with your kids from […]

The Conundrum of Screen Time As technology becomes an integral part of modern life, children are exposed to screens from an early age. Many parents face the dilemma of how to balance the benefits and drawbacks of screen time. Excessive screen time has often been associated with negative consequences, including obesity, sleep problems, diminished social […]

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