About Nurture Craft

Nurture Craft is a Singapore-based company that was founded in 1992. It all started when our founder, Dr. Henry Toi, had a vision to create quality magazines that would educate and entertain readers of all ages. With this mission in mind, Nurture Craft began its journey as a humble magazine distributor. In the early days, we only had a small team of dedicated staff and a handful of loyal customers. But through hard work and determination, we slowly but surely grew our business until we became one of the leading magazine publishers in Singapore. Today, Nurture Craft continues to produce high-quality magazines that are loved by readers all over the country. And even though we have come a long way since our humble beginnings, we still maintain the same commitment to excellence that has always been at the heart of our company.

Nurture Craft helps educators and parents to successfully develop and teach children to think and to attain their full potential. Since 2015, we have partnered thousands of educators and parents to nurture their children.

Curating and creating good magazines that stimulates thinking
Conducting teaching workshops for students, teachers and parents
Providing quality educational products that stimulate children’s imagination and fine motor skills
Message from CEO

We believe that reading is an important life skill. Even more important is the love for reading. Many studies have found that magazines help children develop a love for reading and is also a fun way to introduce children to the six genres of writing: descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative, technical and poetic.

At Nurture Craft we work hard to bring you quality magazines that children will enjoy and learn from. We curate these magazines from around the world and we also publish our own titles. In learning to do this well, we have the pleasure of working with global pedagogy experts such as Prof Arthur Costa, Dr. Bena Kallick from the Institute for the Habits of Mind™, Dr. Branton Shearer from the MI Research and Consulting Inc, the late Prof Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps® and Dr. Marilee Adams, founder of the Inquiry institute.

Our Values
Mission Statement

We develop thinking skills and character through carefully selected, high-quality reading & educational materials and effective evidence-based programmes.

Vision Statement

A world where every parent and teacher has everything they need, whenever they need, to teach and nurture our future generation.

Brand Values

Education – Provide educational solutions to every child across the nation and building a reading culture at home and in schools

Teamwork – Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results

Social Responsibility – Committed to improving our world and reporting our progress

Essential Reading For Future Leaders
What Our Readers Say
Dan, Parent of Olivia and Joshua

We subscribe to almost every title that Cricket Media produces. I find all of their magazines to be outstanding. My kids read them with great interest and repeatedly. I am very happy to have received the suggestion from a friend to subscribe. I am very picky about what our kids are exposed to, and I am 100% confident and comfortable with Cricket Media’s magazines. They are WELL worth it.

Janelle, Parent of Bernard

My four year old loves Ladybug magazine. He always looks forward to the comics and enjoys the stories. It is a great blend of poems and stories, comics and crafts as well as the occasional non-fiction piece. He also loves Click (especially Click and Jane) and we both learn a lot as I read it to him. We read both of these magazines over and over.

Jane, Parent of Heira

I love these magazines. They are a wonderful source of information. I got them for my 11 year old who does not care much about reading. She loves them and that says a lot about these magazines. The topics are diverse and very well put together. I wish I had starting subscribing to them earlier.

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