A Parent’s Guide to Educational Toys for ADHD and Autism

A Parent’s Guide to Educational Toys for ADHD and Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have unique strengths and may find specific opportunities for growth in expressing emotions and maintaining focus. As committed parents, educators, and caregivers, we play a crucial role in ensuring they have the necessary tools, understanding, and support tailored to their individual needs.

Read on to learn more about social, emotional, and sensory educational learning toys and how these tools can play a key role in creating a supportive environment for these exceptional children.

Understanding the Challenges

Navigating the world can be uniquely challenging for children with autism and ADHD. These individuals often find themselves facing hurdles that extend beyond the mainstream understanding of social interaction, emotional regulation, and sensory sensitivities.

In regard to social interactions, children with autism and ADHD may encounter difficulties that go beyond the typical ebbs and flows of human connection. Understanding cues, interpreting emotions, and reciprocating appropriately can be intricate processes that require specialised attention and support. As a result, their journey towards effective communication and forming connections with others may demand a tailored approach that recognises and accommodates their distinctive needs.

The intricate dance of emotional regulation poses another layer of complexity for children with autism and ADHD. For them, managing and expressing emotions can be a nuanced task, often requiring a delicate balance. Interventions that acknowledge these challenges and provide strategies for emotional self-regulation become indispensable tools in nurturing their emotional well-being.

Sensory sensitivities, too, play a big role in their daily experiences. The world, with its vibrant sights, sounds, and textures, can be overwhelming for these children. Thus, creating an environment that acknowledges and respects their sensory preferences is key to fostering a sense of comfort and security.

Enriching Development Through Specialised Play

There are various ways we can support the growth and development of children with autism and ADHD. A wonderfully effective method for providing this support is choosing toys that cater to their unique needs. By infusing a touch of learning through play, we capture their attention while creating an environment where they can openly explore and develop essential skills.

1. Let’s Talk Cubes

Let’s Talk Cubes

Engage children in meaningful social and emotional learning with the Let’s Talk! Cubes—a vibrant set designed to foster communication and connection. These 6 colourful conversation cubes offer 36 prompts covering various aspects of social-emotional learning (SEL).

Ideal for one-on-one interactions or small groups, kids and adults can roll the cubes and discuss topics like favourite holidays, social skills, and emotional experiences. With categories colour-coded for ease, the orange cube focuses on icebreakers, the blue cube on social skills, and the green cube on emotional/feeling prompts.

Made from durable foam, these cubes are built to withstand countless rounds of enlightening and enriching SEL activities. Notably, Let’s Talk! Cubes offer a valuable tool for children with autism and ADHD, offering structured and engaging prompts to enhance communication, emotional expression, and social understanding in a supportive setting.

2. Soft Foam Emoji Cubes

Soft Foam Emoji Cubes

Bring emotions to life with the Soft Foam Emoji Cubes. Designed for both fun and learning, this set includes two dice-style cubes featuring 12 expressive emoji faces capturing a range of common feelings and emotions. Paired with two additional cubes loaded with engaging prompts and questions, these cubes create a dynamic platform for social learning.

Encourage children to roll the question cubes, sparking discussions based on the resulting prompts, or let them explore the emotional spectrum by rolling the emoji cubes and delving into the feelings and expressions depicted. Beyond social learning, these Soft Foam Emoji Cubes are ideal for language and vocabulary development, helping children articulate and understand their inner emotions.

Made from easy-to-clean soft foam, these dice-like cubes offer a tactile and interactive approach to connecting words with feelings. Whether fostering communication skills or expanding emotional intelligence, these emoji cubes are a delightful addition to any educational toolkit.

3. All About Me Family Counters

All About Me Family Counters

Dive into the world of self-discovery and inclusive learning with the versatile All About Me Family Counters, designed to cater to the diverse needs of young learners. This engaging set of 72 counters, featuring figures in six different shapes and vibrant colours, provides a tactile and visually stimulating way for children to explore themselves and their families. Beyond promoting early math skills through hands-on activities like counting, sorting, and patterning, these counters offer a unique opportunity to enhance fine motor skills and sensory experiences.

Made from durable yet soft plastic with a pleasing, almost rubbery feel, the counters provide a comforting touch for sensory-sensitive children. The set’s compatibility with the All About Me Neighbourhood products further extends its functionality, offering a comprehensive learning approach that strengthens expressive and receptive language skills while facilitating discussions about feelings and emotions.


Investing in social, emotional, and sensory toys for children with autism and ADHD is a great way to nurture their development and open an opportunity for them to express themselves openly. When we take a moment to understand and cater to the unique needs of each child, we create an environment that promotes growth, understanding, and a profound sense of belonging.

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