3 Reasons Learning Through Play Is Important in Education

3 Reasons Learning Through Play Is Important in Education

When studying and learning new things, the first image to pop up in people’s heads would be sitting at a desk, poring over a book, and occasionally taking notes.

Although a common and popular way to study, such a method can become monotonous and tiring, leading to decreased focus and attention levels and an overall poorer quality of learning!

While play is often interpreted as the opposite of studying, there are ways to include fun in studying and learning. Doing so is an important aspect of education, often over-emphasising the need to memorise concepts and topics. Let us explore the importance of learning through play in education, especially during early childhood.

1. Nurtures a sense of curiosity

Allowing a child to learn through play drastically differs from simply presenting them with textbooks. As play tends to require a set of actions to be done to reveal information, incentivising learning through active participation can nurture a greater sense of curiosity in your child.

A sense of curiosity is essential in education. It can give your child a keener eye for detail and a greater desire to learn. These tend to be traits that simply reading a book or attending a class cannot build.

While it takes some clever adjustments and innovation to integrate play into learning, the payoffs are unique and valuable, making learning through play an essential part of your child’s educational journey.

2. Improves social and cooperation skills

Many aspects of play are complex and multi-layered. Games such as riddles and escape rooms often require the efforts of multiple players. Combining knowledge and collaborating with others during play is a great and safe way for your child to learn essential teamwork and cooperative skills.

Being an effective team player is a lifelong skill that can benefit your child in many academic and professional settings. A huge part of learning through play also develops essential life skills needed for your child to grow up and navigate the world around them, and teamwork is one such core skill that facilitates this.

3. Builds problem-solving skills

With many educational syllabi so focused on memorisation, your child needs to take advantage of many opportunities for them to grow into dynamic and critical-thinking young adults.

Learning through play deviates from traditional learning methods through the clever use of objectives. Play often encourages the recognition and uptake of more than one solution in order to achieve a goal.

Allowing your child to learn through play does wonders in developing problem-solving skills and dynamic thinking. Building their confidence and ability to devise non-linear yet viable solutions for any issue.


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