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This course teaches the unique Buzan four speed technique developed by Tony Buzan, author of “The Speed Reading Book” Taught by experienced trainers specially licensed by Buzan Asia. Know how your eyes and brain does the reading Learn the unique Buzan 4 speed technique Increase your reading speed without compromising your comprehension Know how to […]

This workshop brings you the latest memory techniques and understanding of how memories are made to enable you to have a better personal life and work performance. Apply recall rhythms and principles to improve recall Use memory techniques for short and medium term recall Apply Mind Maps for longer term recall Identify the actions to […]

Participants will learn basic brain principles – how it works and how to apply effective brain skills to work smart, improve productivity and achieve better performance. They will also be able to achieve the following learning outcomes: Understand the way the brain learns, thinks and remembers. Apply recall rhythms and principles to improve recall. Use […]

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